Two hands up for Dunedin North

The race for the Labour Party candidate for Dunedin North has started with two people putting their hands up for selection so far.

Glenda Alexander,  the New Zealand Nurses Organisation national industrial adviser anounced her intention last week:

Asked why she planned to stand for the position, the convener of the Otago Local Affiliate Council of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions said the Labour Party had a positive affirmation policy for women, and women made up a significant percentage of the demographic.

 Selwyn College warden David Clark,  is also seeking selection. The ODT says:

Dr Clark will appeal to a wide range of Labour Party members and supporters in the electorate, having ties with the University of Otago and having worked for both Mr Parker and Treasury.

Dunedin North is one of the reddest seats in the country. Pete Hodgson, who has announced he will retire next year, held the seat with a majority of 7,155 in 2008.

 The selection will take place in September.

4 Responses to Two hands up for Dunedin North

  1. scrubone says:

    It’s a little disturbing that such selections essentially decide who’s the MP for the area. There’s something to be said for the American “Primary” selection process, which ensures the people a say in the process much earlier on than the general election.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Hobson’s choice; a unionist or an academic who’s worked for the party.


  3. Andrei says:

    Dunedin North is one of the reddest seats in the country

    Didn’t Richard Wall take it for National at one point?


  4. homepaddock says:

    I2 – It wasn’t clear from the little I cut & pasted but his ties with the university are as warden of a university hall & member of the vice chancellor’s alcohol advisory committee. I don’t think that plus previous work as a minister (as in of religion not cabinet) makes him an academic.

    Andrei – yes but in pre-MMP days.


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