Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were chosen for Maori language week:

1. What do maui and katau  mean in English?

2. What do maunga, whenua and moana,  mean in English?

3. What do nota, hauta, rawhiti, and rato mean in English?

4. What are the Maori words for the numbers 1-10?

5.  What  do kata and aue mean in English?

(Apologies to pursits for the absence of macrons, I don’t know how to do them).

David got four right and a bonus for reasoning.

Gravedodger and G get an electronic boquet each for a clean sweep.

Robert gets a bonus for added information.

PDM got 9/10s (overloooking the spelling) and a bonus for humour and lateral thinking.

Bearhunter got 2 and 4/9s and a humour bonus.

The answers follow the break:

1. Left & right.

2. Mountain, land and sea or lake.

3. North, south, east, west.

4. Tahi, rua, toru, wha, rima, onu, whitu,waru, iwa, tekau.

5. Laugh & cry.

Sourced from: Maori Dictionary.

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