At last a Labour ag spokesman

It’s a sad reflection on Labour’s regard for agriculture that the party hasn’t had anyone in its caucus with responsibility for the portfolio for several years.

Jim Anderton might have been Labour in all but name but he wasn’t in the caucus when he was Minister of Agriculture in the Labour-led government. He talked lots and delivered little as minister and I can’t remember anything of note he’s said since he became the opposition spokesman after the 2008 election.

Now he’s giving up completely to campaign fulltime for the Christchurch mayoralty at our expense :

“In my time remaining as an MP, I have decided to prioritise workable models for affordable dental treatment and the reform of alcohol legislation.” .

Damien O’Connor will take over the role with two things going for him – he was (perhaps still is?) a dairy farmer and he is a member of the Labour caucus where he might have a chance of influencing policy.

Kiwiblog and Keeping Stock have similar views  on Anderton.

3 Responses to At last a Labour ag spokesman

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Further evidence (if any was actually needed ) of the very elevated opinion this person has of his worth to the country and his self assessed godlike personna. The whole tenure of his press release was of a god handing his power to the accolyte O’Connor rather than the tawdry truth that a serial trougher, that HP portrayed accurately, was just taking another shower in his self importance as he progress to a 4th trough to slurp at.
    Not content to have the salary and perks of an MP, a leaders grant of $100 000 (when it is a remnant party of one) that was re-registered in recent weeks to continue the charade, National super,he is 72 years old, and now the mayoral stipend. This latest foray looking increasingly possible with the withdrawal of Liz Gordon (an enemy from the attempt by JPA to remove the executive of the Alliance party to clear the way for a hand picked executive by Mr Anderton to run the party as he wished) from the CHCH mayoral race that was preceded by Sir Kerry Burke’s back down some weeks ago.
    How can this man with such an impressive record of demolishing every organisation he has ever attempted to use to further his personal idea of democracy, consider himself the best person for the leadership of my city just astounds me and the support of the socialist party machine in accepting his candidature just demonstrates the paucity of genuine talent among their ranks.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    If Jim had any social conscience whatsoever, he would stand aside and end the charade which is The Progressive Party. That is of course highly unlikely to happen; it would be like a turkey voting for an early Christmas (and the metaphor is carefully chosen!) 🙂


  3. gingercrush says:

    Surely one of the worse press releases I have read. I really hate the thought he’l be mayor of my city. And sadly with how Christchurch on the whole votes it’ll be a reality.

    The fact he says National has done nothing for farmers is truly pathetic. That seems to be the problem with the left and why Damien O’Connor will be useless in the portfolio. Because they Labour seem to think all farmers require is R&D, when farmers need much more than that. And combined with Labour’s new love of bashing things farmers do or need i.e. irrigration and water ways. Then how effective is O’Connor going to be?


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