It’s not what you do . . .

If mining is already being undertaken on conservation land without a fuss, why did plans to allow prospecting on a further 7000 hectares cause such a fuss?

It looks like the plans will now be scrapped because it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it.

Those opposing it grabbed the emotional high ground and no-one had enough facts for a counter attack.

Government’s which don’t listen to public opinion are doomed, but sometimes potentially unpopular policy can be accepted if it’s backed up by strong arguments.

This one wasn’t.

10 Responses to It’s not what you do . . .

  1. Andrei says:

    Government’s which don’t listen to public opinion are doomed

    It isn’t public opinion – it is the cultural elites opinion.

    Public opinion on many things has been ignored by the current National government – they have gone with the cultural elitist opinion every time.

    Two examples – the mad ETS and the anti smacking legislation.

    This is just another example.


  2. “Sometimes potentially unpopular policy can be accepted if it’s backed up by strong arguments.

    This one wasn’t.”

    Because there were none to use. Browlee and Key tried their usual misdirection and inflating of figures $$$$, plus denigration of the people who called for the truth, but that failed.


  3. G says:

    Yes, I agree with Robert: there was no breakdown of the economic benefit to the country of the mining actually proposed.

    I would have looked at that seriously (and could have compared it with the economic and social value of the particular sites being mined) – but the information was never released (if it existed).

    Brownlee seems to be strugling to get public traction for his proposals. however, tuis was an unusual foot fault from this Govt, with a completely predictable end result.


  4. G says:

    this – not ‘tuis’!


  5. It was wise of the Government to heed the public concern, said Mrs Turei,
    noting that her predecessor Jeanette Fitzsimons CNZM made public consultation
    a requirement in the Crown Minerals Act in before any changes to Schedule 4

    “Jeanette is a really wise woman and made sure that the law required public
    consultation. She helped give ordinary Kiwis a voice so they could look after
    Schedule 4 land which represents the very best of the best of our
    conservation land.”

    The Green Party was part of a broad and deep response to the Government’s
    mining plans, challenging the claim that the Government’s plan was just a
    ‘stock take’ last August and then, last October, revealing that the ‘stock
    take’ included Mt Aspiring National Park, among others.

    “I am so proud of what the green movement has accomplished, and that these
    precious places will still be there for future generations,” Mrs Turei


  6. Key truly has stuffed the mining issue up. His cycleway failure was a bad enough look, leaving him looking out of touch with reality, but pales into insignificance beside this huge face-slamming back-flip. His latest ‘cloud bouncer’, the Panda-to-the-Chinese is lame as well. That’s not going to end well. Party Central has been embarrasing and looks to flop. Tuhoe. I don’t know how you can look past those things. They’re not minor.


  7. pdm says:

    You say Governments that do not listen to public opinion are dommed.

    Governments which do not do what is right are also doomed.

    With this decision John Keys NACT government has just dropped another rung down the ladder of mediocrity.


  8. haggis says:

    Are you going to be able to stop the digging up the coal in the productive land of the Gore area?


  9. haggis – I’ve been writing about it for some time now and have an audience. Kind of you to call it coal – lignite is an altogether dirtier substance, sulphurous and sopping.
    We’re saying ‘Lignitemare’ and it’s catching on.
    I struggle to see how the Government could sell the idea of lignite to briquettes, urea or diesel and not have to answer the charge that it’s all really lignite to green house gas and as everyone is becoming aware, that’s what we are paying for through Key and Smith’s ETS TAX.


  10. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    Not PC in his post ‘More Timidity[Updated]’ says the estimated value of mainly Gold and Silver in the Coromandel is $54 billion. We could do with some of that to keep more of companies like Synlait in Kiwi hands.


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