Women for show & tell not think

An unusually high number of searches have landed up on this blog looking for Janet Wilson’sblog Adjust Your Set and her post Eye Candy which was the subject of a story in yesterday’s NZ Herald.

She contends that TV hires young females for their looks rather than their journalistic ability.

Men with good faces for radio regularly appear on TV. But  it’s rare to see women who are not both young and attractive and who often show little evidence of being chosen for their ablity to think.

4 Responses to Women for show & tell not think

  1. Andrei says:

    In related news the sun rose in the east this morning.

    TV’s a superficial medium with superficial values.

    And it applies across the board, across genders.

    Think JFK and Nixon – JFK was (is) loved almost a saint, Nixon is viewed crook always was from his earliest days in politics.

    It comes down to what they looked like, a deeper exploration of history reveals something else.

    In truth if two girls are up for a job the prettier of the two will get it just about every time and if two guys are up for a job the bigger of the two will have the edge.

    We are a superficial species TV and celebrity culture just goes to reinforce that.


  2. pdm says:

    When you talk about `faces for Radio’ the first female who springs to my mind is that woman Hill who did a current affairs interview programme on TV1 for a while. Her christian name escapes me.


  3. G says:

    @ Andrei – i think the fact that Nixon is the only president to ever resign (and the watergate scandal geenrally) might also be a factor!

    But I agree that being superficial is also a factor for men. Most of the young reporters now are easy on the eye – not just the women. And I notice it mroe because they are on screen all the time! Live feeds occur in almost every story (irrespective of whether there is actually anything happening in the background) seem to serve one purpose only – to get the reporter’s mug on screen. I would prefer a voice over with pre-recorded visuals that actually illlustrate the story. Which is why I listen to the radio for my news, and watch tv strictly for entertainment (thank goodness Outrageous is back)


  4. Bearhunter says:

    I think the fact that Patrick Gower is TV3’s parliamentary reporter gives lie to Ms Wilson’s charges that TV reporters are chosen based on looks…


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