Wild(e) card for Auckland mayor?

Trans Tasman has heard a whisper that former MP & Wellington mayor Fran Wilde may stand for the Auckland mayoralty.

TT has several ears close to the ground and the whispers it writes about are usually pretty reliable.

7 Responses to Wild(e) card for Auckland mayor?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Not a ***** show in hell.

    Aucklanders might be stupid when it comes to scrapping among themselves but they WILL NOT vote for a ring in from THAT PLACE who probably can be found to have used at some time the term JAFFA.


  2. poneke says:

    Hey, so you’re floating the idea that the chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council plans to run for the mayor of Auckland as well.

    Tui moment.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Your knowledge of Wellington local bodies trumps mine, Poneke, (though I’d be surprised if TT didn’t know that).


  4. pdm says:

    Poneke – what is surprising about that? She would be just another in a long line of leftie `double dippers’.

    Adolf – I thought the `affectionate’ term of JAFA for Aucklanders has only one `f’.


  5. poneke says:

    Your knowledge of Wellington local bodies trumps mine, Poneke, (though I’d be surprised if TT didn’t know that).

    I would be staggered that such a TT article failed to mention the very salient fact that Wilde is the chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council.

    However such is the state of journalistic knowledge today, nothing much surprises me any more.


  6. bobux says:

    Poneke is right.

    Wilde has a job already. She is also smart enough to realise there is no prospect of Aucklanders electing an outsider from Wellington as mayor.

    The more interesting question is ‘Why would TT publish something so obviously false?’ Contra Poneke, TT is one publication certain to know Wilde’s current position.

    TT has always published a few obviously bogus stories planted by the government of the day, presumably as the price of receiving useful inside tips. Lately, the amount of obvious government spin has begun to overwhelm the reporting, to the point it is hardly worth reading. If the editors keep on this course, their sunscribers may well start to realise they can read political press releases elsewhere for free.


  7. Far more likely Wilde would run for the Wellington mayoralty I would have thought.


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