The cheese roll champ is . . .

The winner of the International Science Festival’s ultimate cheese roll competition was Joy Jones of Dunedin.

The cheese rolls were judged on taste, texture, appearance and “ooze factor”.

The University of Otago food science department assessed their nutritional value.

“The winning cheese rolls were a standout, with a substantial amount of filling – 45% cheese – and a traditional flavour of onion soup mix and evaporated milk,” Prof Phil Bremer said.

“The filling was flavoursome, thick, cohesive and smooth, with a full-bodied texture that delivered a rich mouth-feel.

Heating the ingredients in the microwave was key to achieving a homogeneous, easily-spreadable filling that did not separate or go greasy when heated in the cheese roll.”

The recipe is in today’s hard copy of the ODT. You’ll also find it at RadioNZ.

Cheese Rolls are a peculiarly southern delicacy, found in most tea rooms. They’re a staple for fund raisers and I usually have some in the freezer as a standby for a fast and easy meal.

Debate rages on the best recipe and notwithstanding the taste of the judges, I’ll be sticking with the one handed down by my mother. Being generous with the filling enhances the ooze factor.

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