Political corpse stirs

The vital signs  have been hard to distinguish for months, but the corpse of the Progressive Party has stirred again.

It’s re-registered as a political party even though its leader told members to join the Labour Party.

Is there any reason for doing so apart from allowing Jim Anderton to get the extra funding as a party leader while he campaigns to be Chrsitchurch mayor?

That it’s managed to come up with the 500 members required for registration is evidence the bar is set far too low.

If the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association has 39,700 members, surely it’s not expecting too much to require a group which might end up in parliament to have at least a couple of thousand members?

3 Responses to Political corpse stirs

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Couldn’t agree more Ele. Jim “Ol’ Man River” Anderton is milking the system for all he can



  2. Fredinthegrass says:

    He is, after all, the ‘master’ of troughing, and seems to be able to continue to get away with it virtually unscathed.
    Can you tell me how this is possible with the rules we have that I presumed would curtail such thieving, conniving, and despicable behaviour?


  3. Gravedodger says:

    James Patrick Anderton unfortunately answers to no one as he is a god and is treated as such by a compliant media.
    His arrogance makes Koru Carter look “humble”
    That he has been able to collect $100 000 a year as party leader of one MP(self) who ordered his followers to go to labour where he has been a nippon clipon for sometime, is a rort of gigantic proportions and I don’t see anyone in the current government who seems interested in calling it to account. I assume that is justified by the enigmatic Peter Dunne who seems willing to be “revenue minister for who ever wants him to give supply and confidence. Between “hair statement” Dunne and “Trougher” Anderton the taxpayers donate $200 000 PA of Taxpayers money for them to promote political parties that each garner only around .7% of the total vote. Of course Jamberton will be using his leader’s funds to finance his tilt at the CHCH Mayoralty and it will never be scrutinised as it is not open to OIA process and Jamberton knows this only too well.
    Just another unintended consequence of MMP that adds to a compelling case to have our electoral system reviewed.


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