You’re so vain

Happy birthday Carly Simon, 65 today.

Does anyone know who she ws singing about?

4 Responses to You’re so vain

  1. Monkey Boy says:

    She’s singing about monkey boy. I used her shamelessly and never called back . . .

  2. JC says:

    She aint telling, and she throws out all sorts of fun hints..

    But all us blokes who heard her sing it in 1973 know who it was .. 🙂


  3. Warren Beattie, according to most people including including Carly Simon, not her new husband James taylor. Also there is a degree of speculation hat it may have been about Mick Jagger, who had been a bit taken by her. If one was asked in a quiz ( including the famous and notoriously difficult Monday Quiz), the Beattie answer would win most points. Apparently most Australians think it is about Kevin Rudd (remember him?)
    Not many people know that….

  4. adam2314 says:

    Warren Beattie.. Shirley McClains brother..

    A bit behind time but I work :-))

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