Facebook fans for Hubbard

Supporters of Allan Hubbard and  his wife Margaret have undertaken an advertising campaign and set up a $1m fighting fund.

The couple and some trust have been put in statutory management and are being investigated by the SFO.

No-one who knows them doubts their inegrity but someone has raised questions about paper work:

Timaru lawyer Edgar Bradley, who has been a friend of Mr Hubbard’s for more than 50 years, was another staunch supporter.

“Allan takes a long-term point of view and does not look at things on a daily basis or on a three-yearly basis as politicians do.

“He has the ability to stand back from a problem and look at it dispassionately. Even if it affects him personally, he does not allow that to affect his judgment.

“If a sometime criticism of Allan is a lack of documentation then it must be remembered he is a product of the days when trust was more important than paperwork. Sadly the reverse is now the case.”

There’s a Help Allan Hubbard page on Facebook and another page Leave Allan Hubbard Alone.

3 Responses to Facebook fans for Hubbard

  1. alex Masterley says:

    That is the heart of the problem.
    Alan Hubbard is the product of age that was not as prescriptive as that we live in now.


  2. Rex says:

    Isnt it sad that being a good,loyal and generous man is not good enough for those who do not understand or value these basic human attributes. They are the ones who dot the i’s and cross the t’s without any thought for whom they hurt or descredit. My wife and I join you in spirit on your march tomorrow.


  3. Brian says:

    I am one of many people that Allan has helped. The first break he gave my family was in 1974. Even then he was heavily involved in charity. He has helped us many times since then. His word has always been better then any fancy paper work . He has proved by a lifetime of deeds that the word ‘trust’ means Allan Hubbard .There is nobody that I know that I trust more.

    I would love to do more to help his cause, I am still thinking.


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