Would GE be okay if it saves the world?

Which is worse, climate change or genetic engineering?

People who fear both may need to answer that if genetically modified clover is proven to reduce greenhouse emissions in stock.

Shades of the green conundrum: what would you do if you found an endangered bird eating an endangered plant?

2 Responses to Would GE be okay if it saves the world?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Your conundrum is right up there with the age old question on the chicken and the egg. I will assume from the kneejerk response of the greens to this breakthrough that their solution to the egg/chicken would be logically to ban both.
    No more bacon and eggs, souffle,roast chicken, KFC et el. Ah well back to the mung beans but hang on don’t they create stomach gas. Bugger.


  2. On the grounds that the Greens say we are as race endangered through global warming and thus a dying planet, and assuming the bird is edible. I’d eat the bird with suitable accompaniments and a decent wine.
    After all we are all going to die.


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