1-1: excitement’s contagious

What many regard as the beautiful game doesn’t feature on my radar and when I’ve come in ear shot of the TV while the World Cup’s been on the sound of the vuvuzelas, has driven me away.

But excitement is contagious and I have to applaud the All Whites for the 1-1 draw this morning.

Like the Hand Mirror, this is probably the only post I’ll write about the World Cup (soccer) edition.

For more informed views:

Keeping Stock has some bleary eyed reflections.

At No Minister Barnsley Bill says goooooooal

Kiwiblog says well done the All Whites – and philosophers may be interested in his comment that anything that isn’t a loss is a win.

And Not PC mixes art and sport with Glad Day William Blake.

2 Responses to 1-1: excitement’s contagious

  1. Dutchie Down South says:

    DDS is sitting behind the computer with bags under his eyes after a second late night watching football.

    a great result for football in NZ in general and a big boost for our patriotism but if you see the All Whites play on a level like this it is hurtful to watch., but never the less,I’m looking forward to watch them take on the world champs on Monday morning.

    Will be interesting to see today how many Kiwi’s are all of a sudden football experts….bet you a kingdom that most of these football experts didn’t even bother to stay up and watch the game..

    Most interesting detail: if NZ progesses to through the next round they meet up with the Dutch!!


  2. I just love soccer! I really want to get out and play again now.


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