Of mice and woman

I heard a scrabbling noise behind my desk.

I sat very still and waited.

A mouse popped its head round the side of the desk, looked at me and popped back.

My farmer was in the office, I phoned him and told him about the mouse. He laughed.

I retrieved a mousetrap from the laundry, baited it with peanut butter, set it down beside the desk and found something important to do in the office.

When I returned to the house 15 mintues later I checked the trap and found it had done what it’s designed to do.

The wee sleekit, cowran, tim’rous beastie was an ex-mouse.

4 Responses to Of mice and woman

  1. Raymond A Francis says:

    One of the pleasures of living in town (in a mouse proof house, so far) is not having to deal with mice and Raewyn’s feeling on the dear wee things


  2. Gravedodger says:

    This shows a bullying streak in you previously unknown (shared I might add by Mrs G D). The poor “little beastie”, so well portrayed by Burns, only sought shelter a meal and would have moved on when the comforts were denied or in spring and after a winter of doing what they do very well there would have been many more of them. One is so cute but I accept it wont remain at one. Did I not read in a post in recent days how cold it was, did not a relocation strategy have any merit.Just being very facetious.
    I remember sun filled days in my childhood, playing around oat stooks and watching the mice run when the stook was put on the wagon to go to the stack and then the gazillions of fleeing mice as the reducing stack was devoured by the chaffcutter or the stationary mill.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Ray our house is supposed to be mouse-proof but sadly for us – and them – they don’t realise that.

    GD – if the mice had homes of their own well away from mine I’d leave them be. But the minute they step over my doorstep they become vermin and I show them no mercy.


  4. laughykate says:

    Wow, you are braver than I. Some years ago, on a Saturday, I discovered I was sharing the office with a mouse. IN panic, I immediately leapt on the desk and rang then-boyfriend squealing, ‘There’s a mouse in my office!’ He replied wearily, ‘Kate, I’m in a jet boat, up a river, over two hours away from you. What do you expect me to do ?’

    He sort of had a point, but I didn’t think it was a very good one at the time.


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