What do they have in their wallets?

Of all the excuses given for mis-using ministerial credit cards, the one I find most difficult to believe is that it was the only one they had.

Everyone I know has several  in their wallet – one friend has 32 cards in his wallet among which are both personal and company credit cards.

If I’m going overseas I take out anything which is only useful in New Zealand but that would still leave  credit and EFTPOS cards.

Whether they’re at home or abroad some past ministers said they didn’t have their own cards to use for purchases – so what did they have in their wallets then and what do they do now they don’t have the ministerial cards to use?

6 Responses to What do they have in their wallets?

  1. alex Masterley says:

    I have three crdi cards;
    1 personl, and 2 business.
    I know which is which.


  2. alex Masterley says:

    I wish I could spell. Mind you I’m still cross about Robert Green’s howler. I could have stopped that!


  3. robert green made me weep.
    Re the credit cards. The simple and unarguable truth is that they are liars. Of course they had personal cards.


  4. JC says:

    In some respects these were quite extraordinary acts of dedication.

    All sorts of terrible things happened to them, their luggage and their clothing. They could be lost in a swollen river in Africa, attacked by crocodiles and mauled by sharks as they were swept out to sea yet when everyone one of them was swept up in front of the nearest flash haberdashery they still clinging to their Ministerial card.. naked, bruised, battered and bloody.. but strangely triumphant..



  5. Fredinthegrass says:

    Sort of sums it up JC.
    By the way do you write for a living?


  6. JC says:

    “By the way do you write for a living?”

    No mate. I’m of the Bogor profession.



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