Did you see the one about . . .

Countdown employee-redfaced – Dim Post at his satirical best.

Devastating, just devastaing – Adolf at No Minister on the NZ Herald’s 7 deadly sins front page.

Life’s a Beach – A Little Whine and Cheese on a family day at the lake.

But the personal is political – In A Strange Land replies to one of the judges of the AIr NZ Best Blog Award.

Busted Blonde – BB’s last post at Roarprawn. I’ll miss her although Cat-astrophe on the BP oil spill shows Brunette has potential to be a worthy successor.

Quote of the Day – Anti Dismal on the absence of market forces in bureaucracy.

The taxing issue of burden – The Visible Hand has a different perspective on tax cuts.

One Response to Did you see the one about . . .

  1. dutchie down south says:

    although it was a good day weather-wise to go over the blogs the most interesting and maybe scary thing on the web today was not on the blogs but an article in the Herald about a old and practicably unknown Waitangi claim (WAI 262) which might have a huge impact on farming, agri-research and conservation.
    It might pay to keep an close eye on this to see were the government takes this….


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