Gate thief

The Oamaru Mail reported that an unexpected consequence of the recent flooding was a reduction in crime.

Unfortunately for us, one of the criminal acts was the theft of three of our gates.

They were just common or garden road side farm gates which cost about $100 each.

What concerns us most is that because the theft happened in the middle of the deluge when lots of roads were closed it almost certainly means the thief or thieves live/s locally.

Apropos of rural thefts – rivetting Kate Taylor is looking for stories of stolen stock.

3 Responses to Gate thief

  1. It was the Liarbour Party that did it.
    They needed gates to attach to their latest scandals!
    Jonesgate, cartergate, Tizardgate, etc.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Something that brings a feeling of dread to farmers with road frontage. The potential for carnage from wandering stock and traffic is rather too large to contemplate. A greater danger in modern times, as most livestock operations involve mob stocking to maximise feed utilisation. Therefore it would not be a few animals and the limiting factor of them unlikely to be on the carriageway but a mob on the move and that is a big potential indeed.
    Scumbags! Watch trademe, very portable and always in good demand


  3. homepaddock says:

    Very droll, FM though biased as I am, I don’t think this was a politically motivated act.

    GD – fortuantely there was no stock in the paddocks.


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