Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. Name the five Play School toys.

2. Name the programme set in a North Island timber town which starred Dame Pat Evison.

3. Name the drama set in a fictional publishing firm the stars of which included Ilona Rogers and Miranda Harcourt.

4. Who used to say “by hokey” and what show did he compere?

5. Name three of the four people who shared an office in Gliding On.

Rob got two right 1/2 of #4 and 2/3 of 5 though I’ll give him a fraction for the Welsh one.

Adam gets a point for lateral thinking.

G got four right.

Gravedodger got 4 right plus 2/5 of #1 and a bonus for all that extra information.

PDM got four right and an on the right track for #1 – the opening of Play School went: Here’s a house, here’s a door, windows 1,2,3,4; knock, knock, turn the lock, Playschool! (Why can I remember something I haven’t heard for 20 years but not what I heard a few mintues ago?)

Teletext gets the electronic boquet with a clean sweep.

Ray got three right plus 3/5 of #1 and I’ll let him away with Raewyn  for #5 because although she didn’t share the office, she was in and out often enough to count, and a bonus for touring with exchange students.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.

1. Jemima, Manu, Big Ted, Little Ted and Humpty.

2. Pukemanu.

3. Gloss.

4. Selwyn Toogood, It’s In The Bag.

5. Beryl, Hugh, Jim and John.

3 Responses to Tuesday’s answers

  1. david winter says:

    I’d just like the record to show that I would have done appallingly badly if yesterday had been a normal Monday and I had done the quiz.


  2. pdm says:

    Obviously Play School made a lsting impression on you HP.

    By the way thanks for producing some reasonable questions this week. It gave me a chance.


  3. homepaddock says:

    David – that gets a bonus for honesty.

    PDM – how reasonable questions are is subjective and directly proportional to the number of answers you know.


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