An iPhone, a Blackberry or what?

My mobile phone is showing its age and I’m looking at  a replacement.

I’m unsure whether I should stick with what I’m used to – a model that can make and take phone calls and send and receive texts – or go for something which can do more.

If you’ve had experience with  a Blackberry or iPhone, or anything that’s better than those I’d appreciate your advice.

I’m with Telecom now and  looking at changing phone not provider.

I’ve stuck with XT for mobile broadband but in spite of the new advertising campaign which Cactus Kate reckons means all the wrinkles have been ironed out, I’ve noticed my farmer’s phone, which isn’t on XT, gets service where the T-stick for the computer won’t.

My tartan genes get excited over a Scottish accent, but not sufficiently to allow me to accept poor reception.

10 Responses to An iPhone, a Blackberry or what?

  1. iphone – no question. blackberry screen is half the size and iphone is much better for checking out your blog whilst waiting for people for are faffing.

  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    HP: iPhone without any question. Much more than a phone. The Blackberry is like old IBM computers… great for techies but hopeless for people who want the machine to work as easily as possible.
    The Christmas before last I ran the practice from the beach [The Northern Office] in the week before Christmas!!) just using my iPhone. The laptop battery failed and I could get internet, email and phone calls all on my iPhone.. Reception is not the issue for the hand piece… that’s a vodafone / Telecom issue to deal with. I can’t rate my iPhone highly enough…. roll on my new iPad when it arrives!
    No-one ever regretted buying the best.

  3. Paul Tremewan says:

    Oh and I didn’t even mention the camera, ipod and photographs on it…. !!

  4. pdm says:

    Is there a cost difference as far as useage is concerned. From what I recall what you did must have cost an arm and a leg PT.

  5. G says:

    i have an iphone and i much prefer the nokia i had (e75, but there’s a newer version that has come out now). definitely not the blackberry (which was my first email capable phone – i agree, too clunky). if you are going to update your blog on your phone then maybe the iphone. the iphone is NOT intuitive to use, which is probably why i dont rate it very highly, even after 6 weeks of playing with it. the saving grace is the camera quality (but thats not my primary reason for having a phone). in terms of network vodafone has the best handsets, no question about it.

  6. G says:

    also, the iphone camera doesnt come with a flash?! i am about to hunt down an app to add one, but for goodness sakes, isnt that like selling an ipod with no volume control?!

  7. HP/pdm
    I am not sure that there is a charge difference.. if there is the iPhone is worth it! Also what I did was not done with regard to cost: I had to be available and the convenience outweighed any consideration of cost. But as I recall there was no great increase in normal costs. [Anyway we would have passed them on as ‘disbursements’ anyway!]

  8. Alan says:

    I have an iPhone – it’s great. But if you can wait until July-September there’s a much better model coming out (I’m saving up!).

    The new iPhone announced this morning has a better camera and a flash (the current iPhone’s camera isn’t a patch on the kinds of cameras in the newer Nokias and SonyEricssons) which now answers my pet peeves about my own iPhone; and now can also receive the Vodafone 3G frequency used outside the cities (currently the frequency choices of the cellular companies – too tedious to relate here – coupled with the limitations of the current iPhone, means that it’s on a go-slow in the countryside when on Vodafone, but is fast everywhere on XT).

    You can use it as a modem with your laptop too. The non-intuitive term for this is “tethering”, should you want find out more.

  9. Mark D says:

    If I just needed a phone, I would just get a phone. For me email, calendar contacts, and syncing them all with my office and whatever computer I’m using is critical. I retired my Windows mobile phone after a few years, and replaced it with an iPhone. I love it, because I need that functionality, and the ipod / web browsing / usability / apps are just a bonus. I read a lot more emails than I send so the lack of a keyboard isn’t a killer and the big touch screen is great, but if I wrote more on the phone I may prefer soemthing with a keyboard (like the blackberry). I’ve also been pretty impresssed with the HTC Touch phones and these have a slide out keyboard, are available from Telecom, and are half the price of an iPhone.

  10. homepaddock says:

    Thank you – there’s a clear preference for iPhone here. But as there’s no rush I’ll take Alan’s advice and wait for the new model.

    Do any of you provide after sales support for technophobes 🙂

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