Who’s to be the next Governor General?

Queens Birthday is as good a time as any to speculate on who our next Governor General might be.

Trans Tasman’s weekly newsletter (you can subscribe here) suggests an unofficial list might include former Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Don McKinnon, former PMs Jim Bolger and Dame Jenny Shipley and former Trade Mnister and chair of the Asia 2000 Foudnation Philip Burdon.

I’d have thought Jim’s strong republican sympathies might preclude him. I think any of the others would be very good in the role and I’d put Jenny at the top of the list.

18 Responses to Who’s to be the next Governor General?

  1. pdm says:

    I would have no problem with Jenny Shipley or probably Don McKinnon. No way Bolger and I don’t know enough about Burden.

    How about a non political wild card – Sir Wilson Whineray.


  2. alex Masterley says:

    There is another whose name is being bruited around – Justice Lowell Goddard who is chair of the Police Complaints Authority. I doubt she has the support of the decision makers however.
    Either of Dame Jenny or Don would do nicely.


  3. Cadwallader says:

    Bolger is an authentic chameleon so don’t count him out. I don’t actually find any of your suggestions appealing. I think John Marshall QC who recently completed his term as NZ Law Society President would be a sound, if not particularly vibrant choice.

    Don’t forget the proximity of the Maori Party to National; these days, isn’t it possible, just possible…


  4. Inventory2 says:

    Anyone but Bolger. He’s had his post-Parliament spell on the world stage, and at 75, he’s yesterday’s man. Dame Jenny Shipley would be a worthy nominee, and at some time after that, I wouldn’t rule out Lockwood Smith. He has single-handedly restored dignity to the role of Speaker of the House including the very public procession to the Chamber each day, not going through the back corridors as his predecessors did. He would revel in the ceremonial aspects of the role.


  5. There’s also Geoffrey Palmer. Can’t stand the man myself, but at least if he’s GG he won’t be producing all those pointless and vacuous anti-fun recommendations that currently keep him thinking too much.

    Like Dame Jenny, but can’t help thinking her brain will be wasted as GG. Lockwood Smith might enjoy it too. But neither of them have the right degree of gravitas.

    I think Bolger, despite his National roots, is now yesterday’s Teacher’s Pet. He’s a huge fan of Helen Clark, and I can’t see this government putting him on a pedestal like the last one did.


  6. Neil says:

    I find all those suggested names who are closely associated with the National Party being inappropriate.(I’m a Nat as well!!)
    We don’t want repeats of political appointess like Cath Tizard,Paul Reeves or Keith Holyoake.
    Remember our GG has not been yet been involved in coalition government broking.1994 saw the appointment of a GG with knowledge of constutional matters-Michael Hardie Boys.
    Jim Bolger is unthinkable,an Irish Republican. Jenny Shipley is ok but is like a red rag to the left. Don McKinnon would be perhaps acceptable but his days are over to me.
    Let’s start thinking about the days when we become a Republic.In my older years I can see us inevitably moving that way rather than still having Buckingham Palace making the official announcement of the GG.
    What we need is another debate on our constitutional future.
    We are a proud country of various ethnic varieties not an appendage of a nation in the north Atlantic.


  7. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Don McKinnon has just been given an antiques shop to run, so he’s not a starter. Bolger is a turncoat. Jenny Shipley is too busy and Lockwood it too valuable where he is.

    I say put one of the bros in.

    Bring back Buck


  8. alex Masterley says:

    if John Marshall QC got the job, nice man that he is, I would turn in my practising certificate.


  9. Deborah says:

    I think you underestimate how much Jenny Shipley is loathed outside of National Party circles.


  10. JC says:

    Don McKinnon for me. And he now has a formidable track record as politician and Commonwealth boss.

    He’s also one of the few politicians we know who resigned his portfolio because he didn’t agree with his Govt’s position on nuclear matters.



  11. Gravedodger says:

    Iv2 good comment on a timely post.
    Deborah, the socialists will never accept a National appointment as they never assess the abilities of the appointee, only the subservience and manipulation potential.
    Labour Governments have too large a fear of anything they do being exposed by a competent operator in a position of stature, a quick glance at the credentials of some of the nominations to their lists and candidate selections shows that for the partisan politics it is. What they have done to Twyford if you need an example
    Would a labour government have ever appointed a National equivalent of Mike Moore to a position such as Ambassador to the US (inspired and appropriate IMHO), I think Not. They only appointed the quite widely despised Bolger as a kick in the shins to loyal Nats rather than because he had any abilities for that position at Kiwibank.
    Mrs Jenny Shipley a genuine New Zealand Citizen With a good knowledge of our culture and political system for my Vote.


  12. Fredinthegrass says:

    Sir Don McKinnon for me. IMHO he has the attributes required to fulfill the current role of GG.
    As we move – however slowly – to breaking with the Monarchy, we need a person who embraces the ‘old’ while being able to envisage the ‘new’.
    His pragmatism and depth of understanding makes him a worthy candidate.


  13. Paul Tremewan says:

    No question: if we win the Rugby World Cup it will be either Sir Richie or ‘umble Graham!
    And now, as in every year previous, I have been passed over yet again in this morning’s List, I’m now with the Republicans on all this!!


  14. Lewis Holden says:

    My money would be on Sir Wilson Whineray. Captain of industry and ex-rugby head, plus not exactly politically aligned. There’s also David Kirk, but he’s too young, too successful in what he does. Also aligned with Bolger since he was an adviser for the DPMC.

    A former PM would be politically unwise. Remember the problems Sir Keith Holyoake’s appointment caused?

    I suspect we may get a Maori GG. That would be symbolic given the goal of settling Treaty claims by 2014.


  15. adam2314 says:

    As Neil says ..

    ” What we need is another debate on our constitutional future. ”

    Especially the ongoing ” Perks “..

    Far to generous for a 5 year retired persons job.


  16. Cadwallader says:

    I agree with Deborah. Jenny Shipley is renown for lowering the drinking age to 18.

    Alex Masterly: Are you Clint Rickard?


  17. oc35 says:

    A long shot and one qualified for the position – the former Wizard of Christchurch.


  18. homepaddock says:

    oc35 – The Wizard does have the advantage of not being politically aligned, and another plus – he has a house in Oamaru.


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