Would be MPs need enthusiasm

Dunedin North MP, Pete Hodgson, has announced he’ll retire at next year’s election.

Kiwiblog speculates that list MP David Parker is a likely successor.

If so he will need to show more enthusiasm for winning and holding the seat than he did for Otago and Waitaki.

I think Parker was surprised to win Otago in 2002 and he didn’t make much effort to hold it. I have some sympathy with him on that because it can’t have been easy juggling commitments to a young family in Dunedin with work in Wellington and one of the biggest electorates in the country.

His candidacy for Waitaki (which was formed from most of Otago and Aoraki when the boundaries changed) at the last election was at best perfunctory. He conceded defeat to National MP Jacqui Dean at a public meeting in Geraldine a couple of weeks before polling day much to the horror of Labour’s volunteers who were working in the electorate.

Dunedin North is much redder than Waitaki and far more compact. It’s just 642 square KMs compared with Waitaki’s 34,888 sq kms, and therefore much easier to service.

4 Responses to Would be MPs need enthusiasm

  1. pdm says:

    Hodgsons departure spells danger for National as Labours poll rating will probaably rise a couple of per cent. On that basis if Mallard, Goff Carter and King went they could hit 40% in the polls. lol.


  2. Richard says:

    Firstly, HP,- the hue of your blue, is darkening by the day. Your defense of the ETS; clearly National/the government, have a lot of work to do to convince the public of the ETS merits. We will see a barrage of PR stuff/fluff trying to explain ETS and it’s merits, of which, in my view are few. If JK wants any traction on this issue perhaps he might like to remove Nick Smith.
    Secondly- I think your mention of David Parker’s family in your dismissal of him as an MP is a cheap shot- family, in my view, should not be used in being critical of politician.
    I knew David in a professional capacity when he was a lawyer and I found him highly competent. Helen C gave him some ground breaking portfolios that are still on the books today- e.g. ETS. David had ambitions to be be an MP.
    Ironically, he might have put his hand for National if “Mad Max Bradford” had not introduced the electricity reforms


  3. homepaddock says:

    Richard – mentioning the family wasn’t a criticism, I said I had sympathy for the juggling act he must have had and I meant that.

    It’s not easy for any MP to juggle personal and professional responsibilities and it’s even harder for those who represent a large electorate.

    To change allegience from one party to its opposite because of one policy, no matter how strongly he felt about it, doesn’t reflect well on commitment to political philosophy or principles.


  4. J.R.M. says:

    J.R.M. SAYS When Parker was inGovt.during his term as attorney general in the labour cabinet he was stood down for acting inapropiatly as an officer inlaw court actions. Are such persons wanted in parliament?? Ithink not.


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