What does this say about 760,170 TV viewers?

June 2, 2010

Last night’s Cheers for 50 Years which was TVNZ’s celebration of a half century of TV in New Zealand attracted 760,170 viewers.

It was the sixth highest rating programme this year, beaten only by five episodes of One News.

Like Inventory 2 at Keeping Stock I thought it was a cringe-fest..

I started watching in the expectation of seeing some of the people and programmes I’d remembered and forgotten.

That’s what they showed but in tiny fragments and I couldn’t be bothered sitting through the game show format to watch them.

In my eyes it wasn’t so much a celebration of the past 50 years as an indictment on current programmes and a warning of what’s to come.

Those 760,170 other people must be easier to please.

Pomp and Circumstance

June 2, 2010

Edward Elgar would have been 153 today.

It pays to read the fine print

June 2, 2010

I’d booked to fly from Christchurch to Auckland last Thursday.

When a check with Rural Transport confirmed my suspicion that flooded roads would stop me driving north to the airport I changed my plans to fly from Dunedin instead.

I tried to change the booking online but found I couldn’t change the place of origin or destination so made a new booking and presumed I’d have to write-off the old one.

Only when I read the fine print this morning did I discover I could cancel and claim a refund without cost before the flight and with a charge afterwards.

It would be helpful if that was explained on the manage-your-bookings part of the website.


June 2, 2010

Either this week’s Dominion Post political trivia quiz was easier or I was concentrating better: 9/10.

Milk price stable in latest auction

June 2, 2010

Fonterra’s media release describes the price of milk as stable after last night’s globalDairyTrade auction.

Average price  US $ per tonne FAS  % change 
Anhydrous Milk Fat  5324  5.9% 
Skim Milk Powder  3462  -6.2% 
Whole Milk Powder  3790  -3.4% 

Paul Grave, globalDairyTrade Manager, said the market continued to be relatively stable with supply factors the primary driver of market sentiment.

I presume those supply factors include northern hemisphere milk coming on stream and the release on to the market of some of the milk powder which was stock piled whent he price was low.

And the nominees are:

June 2, 2010

The bloggers who:

a) Reckoned they have a chance.

b) Didn’t want to be seen as wimpy when told to harden up.

c) Had some work to avoid and spent some time avoiding it by trawling through last year’s posts.


d) Were amused by what the NZ Bloggers’ Union had done.

Have been awarded a thankyou the size of a brand new A320 for entering the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards.

The 32 nominations  included only 7 of the top 20 from Tumeke!’s ranking but the judge’s were able to nominate one of the other 13.

The winner will be announced next Thursday.

Good trails take time

June 2, 2010

Much ado is being made of the discovery that the cycle trail initiative has progressed more slowly than some would like.

However, as John Key explained, it’s the planning and consenting process which is taking time.

That’s certainly the case with the Alps to the Ocean cycle trail, the last kilometre of which the PM opened when he was in Oamaru last weekend.

But that was the easy kilometre because it was on public land. Much of the remaining 313 kilometres are on private land and getting permission for it to pass through properties takes time.

Almost all affected land owners are happy with the idea in principle. They realise the economic benefits it could bring to the district, that the trail would be an asset for locals too and some see potential business opportunities in feeding, accommodating and entertaining cyclists.

But there are issues of property rights to work through.

The minimum width of land required is 1.5 metres, which isn’t a lot, even when multiplied by the distance which the track will pass through most properties.

But landowners are being asked to surrender part of their properties and lose privacy with – at least at this stage – no compensation.

I haven’t heard of anyone asking that the trail buys the land it will need but there are suggestions that a little rates relief might be in order.

This isn’t a major obstacle, there’s plenty of goodwill on both sides and almost everyone is supportive of the trail. But sorting through the issues and gaining the necessary permission from each property owner can’t be done quickly.

I am confident the trail will go ahead and that the promise of economic development from it will be realised, but good trails take time to get from the drawing board to completion.

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