Monday’s quiz

1. What is an udometer?

2. What do the following coffee shop terms mean:  brevé, granita and lungo?

3. How many monarchs have come from the House of Windsor?

4. Which book won the 2010 NZ Post Children’s Book Award?

5. Who said: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”?

5 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. G says:

    1. rain gauge
    2. espresso with skim milk, latte with frozen milk and espresso with extra hot water
    3. so far 4
    4. old hu-hu (havent read it but the maori translation Huhu Koroheke is gorgeous)
    5. isaac newton

  2. david winter says:

    This is not going to go well…

    1) I can only imagine this a gauge in a dairy shed measuring the pressure in the system (even I’m groaning at this…)

    2) Breve is short (espresso) and lungo is long (long black in NZ cafes) granita is new to me

    3) Hmm, at least a Liz, a George and a set of Edwards. 5?
    (By the way, we really should should bring back sorbiquets for these names, Edward the VII is much easier to forget than “the confessor” or “long shanks”)

    4) Nope, I read news stories on this at the time, but apparently they didn’t stick in my mind

    5) Oh no, you may have opened a can of worms here! It’s remembered from Newton writing to Hooke (and some authors think Newton is making fun of Hooke’s stature and stoop) but the saying had actually been around for hundreds of years before Newton wrote his letter.

  3. Bearhunter says:

    A rain gauge.

    No idea whatsoever, but I’ll go with the answers above. (And what ever happened to plain coffee, anyway?)

    Four so far, since George V changed to Windsor in 1917.

    Again, I haven’t a clue and am far too lazy to Google it.

    Attributed to Newton, but he refashioned it from Bernard of Chartres, who used the phrase when comparing 12th C scholars to those of ancient Greece (“dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants”).

  4. Raymond A Francis says:

    1 No idea but from the others it appears I own three because down here the first question a farmers asks is how much rain? Great to be able to give the answer from your bed (that explains the electronic one)

    2 Breve is made with light milk, the granita frozen milk (refers to the texture) and the lungo extra hot water

    3 The Windsors changed their name in during WW1, so with that name 4
    4 Old Hu Hu, only heard it spoken so not sure about the spelling
    5 Isac Newton

  5. Paul Tremewan says:

    1 rain gauge… just got a blue tooth electronic one… be great when I learn how it works!
    2 short expresso with milk, unsure, long expresso
    3 5
    4 Old Hu Hu; also Dear Alison a finalist is a great book.
    5 eh… pass

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