Under promise, over deliver

The problem of drought and the need for irrigation in North Otago was impressed upon John Key when he was in Oamaru for the National Party’s Mainland conference last weekend.

In the week since then we’ve had about half our average annual rainfall.

 I thanked him, with tongue in cheek, for that at the Northern Region’s convention cocktail party last night and added we’d got far more than we’d asked for. 

 He grinned and said, “It’s good politics to under promise and over deliver.”

In drought prone regions we never say we’ve had too much rain and I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I did say next time he over delivered it needn’t be quite so generously.

3 Responses to Under promise, over deliver

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    When he was down there, did he strike his staff against a rock, or something?

  2. Gravedodger says:

    That is very personal A, the well known Rock family could well be upset, I note a branch of the Rock family endured a schism near Duntroon last week.
    With tounge firmly in cheek, “blimmin farmers never happy”, always not enough, too much and/or worst possible time.
    ps here in paradise we are well over 300 mm (12 inches),confirmed by next door neighbour.

  3. Chris Bird says:

    Up in the Sounds we had 76mm for the week or 161 for the month which was needed and we get about 1500mm for the year.
    I do feel sorry for the people round Oamaru and Dunedin as I was farming in Northern Manawatu in 2004 when we had horrific floods and they did enormous damage.

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