Bad back or laid back?

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett was asked about the results of investigations into beneficiaries receiving well above the average wage.

WINZ had investigated more than 300 of these cases and she said they found some were people who were fostering extremely vulnerable and demanding children, and doing it well,  and it would have cost the state far more to care for the children any other way.

However, there were some whose needs and contributions were less obvious.

One of these was a couple who had been beneficiaries  for 15 years. He had a bad back but in that time they’d also had 10 children.

“Bad back or laid back?” the minister asked?

6 Responses to Bad back or laid back?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    And you should hear the howls of outrage and the gnashing of teeth from the pious pricks of the left!

    Maybe WFF might at some stage be capped at five children if beneficiaries are unable to cap parts of their anatomies?

  2. Gravedodger says:

    First step would be to make the food component payable only to a supermarket or other designated supplier,clothing component a voucher only redeemable by designated retailers and accommodation payable to a landlord.I see no other system to bring accountability and reality to recipients of welfare to show them it is a privilege not a right.
    Yes it will bring a feeling of a degree of stigmatisation to some genuinely in need, honest,law abiding recipients of government assistance.Is there any other way to prevent rorting of a system struggling to assist the genuine needy ones?
    Late model car for a gang family, assistance for a swimming pool fence,a lifestyle that far too many cant afford when they work and pay there own way.
    Also I agree Adolf a cap would seem reasonable if welfare encourages a couple to spawn 10 candidate beneficiarys in 15 years. We limited our spawning at our own cost, I remember dear old Pat Cotter’s councelling Mrs GD and I before the operation then the look of surprise when we declined the future date for progressing things and we convinced him here and now would be good. His words were, to Mrs GD “you go and wait in the car” and telling me to keep very still. “If you want to watch get set before I start”.
    I digress, we were on married shepherds wages and the cost was a burden, but we decided that another child would impinge on what we could give to the two we already had. Regrets, yes occasionally, however the way our life has turned out it was a good decision for us.

  3. Chris Bird says:

    Did you hear last week about the number of washing machines and fridges bought by people on WINZ benefits, 29000 or something. The suggestion was that F&P make these for WINZ all one colour with a special brand so they could not be sold on. Apparently WINZ said it couldn’t be done as it takes away the persons right of choice!!! I ask you!!!!

  4. homepaddock says:

    Chris it wasn’t just that the number, it was the number who had bought more than one and the retailers who charged more than the asking price and split the difference with the beneficiaries.

  5. G says:

    I thought a good point was detracted from by saying he was from the West Coast – given the privacy issues that the Minister is currently facing, it would have been simple to omit where he was from, or even to say Sth Island. Or perhaps there are a lot of 10 chidlren families on the West Coast?

  6. bobux says:


    The US government issues ‘food stamps’to those on welfare, which are vouchers that can only (in theory) be redeemed for groceries.

    I once worked there in a poor rural area, and my colleagues pointed out the stores that would exchange the coupons for alcohol, at a rate of around 75 cents in the dollar. Stepping inside, you often encountered a seriously down-and-out person holding a bag that gave a telltall clink when bumped.

    Any voucher system here will face the same issues.

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