To go or not to go . . .

. . .  and if I went, how? was the question which occupied me on Wednesday.

I’d booked a flight from Christchurch for Thursday and the roads north were closed by flooding but State Highway 1 to the south had reopened.

Did I take the gamble and wait, or rebook to fly from Dunedin and get there while I could?

The weather forecast warned of more rain and a strong probability of snow.

I consulted Rural Transport. One of their stock trucks took more than an hour to get from the outskirts of Oamaru to Morven, which would normally take about half that time, and had had water half way up its wheels.

That convinced me to head south while I could. There were a few fords between home and the main road, but they weren’t very deep and SH 1 was clear.

I’d hoped for good views of the flooding as we flew over North Otago but it was covered in cloud.

Reports from home tell me it’s still raining and there was an inch of snow in the high country. But there’s been no stock losses and  fences, buildings, and tracks have survived unscathed.

Temperatures have plummeted though so I’ll make the most of my weekend in Waitangi where I’m attending the National Party’s Northern convention where I think at least two of my layers of merino will be redundant.

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