BHG boobed

Better Homes and Gardens boobed and they’ve apologised for it:

Our sincerest apologies to anyone we may have offended with our recent piece on Yahoo! Shine. At BHG our main focus is on the wants and needs of women and making our content available to them in our magazine, on the web, and beyond. To that end, we have a network of contributors that we work with all the time. Unfortunately a portion of this story was insensitively written and was not properly vetted by the BHG editorial team. This was our mistake and we take full responsibility.

And the offending content? A guide to modern manners for parents, written by Heather W, entitled the 10 commandments of dining with little kids.

It’s now been edited to nine after the uproar about the 10th – that mothers should take their babies to the loo if they want to breast feed.

It’s the 21st century and a woman is telling other women that breastfeeding should be done in the loo. Sigh.

If the mothers in question were dipping their breasts in the sugar bowl before the baby latched on the writer would have something to complain about. (The person who told me about that swore it was true, though I do wonder if it’s an urban myth). But what’s wrong with discrete feeding?

I’ve seen far  more breast falling out of inappropriate clothes than is normally exposed when a baby is fed.

If children – or for that matter people old enough to know better – are being noisy or in any other way obnoxious, it’s difficult to ignore. But anyone offended by breastfeeding can concentrate on their own meal, their companions, or simply look away.

One Response to BHG boobed

  1. Deborah says:

    Just so. If you don’t like seeing a baby being breastfed, put a blanket over your own head.


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