So much rain, too little water

We’ve had so much rain that rural water shcemes have shut down and we’re being asked to conserve water.

8 Responses to So much rain, too little water

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Aint that the truth
    At least the poor old ancient mariner was dealing with salt water. The water giving you people grief is the very best, maybe a bit brown at the moment, but as you have said before if only it could be harnessed.
    At least those misguideds who worry about the flushing effect of high flows being proscribed by summer take should be celebrating.

  2. Fredinthegrass says:

    Gardening in shirt sleeves here. But in concern for a mate at Duntroon have emailed to see how he is faring.
    Looked grim on the news tonight.

  3. pdm says:

    Are you on a `town supply’ type system HP? I had the impression you lived out in the sticks as it were.

  4. homepaddock says:

    Rural water scheme PDM – the first one in the country. When the river floods there’s too much water and it’s too dirty for the pumps.

  5. Richard says:

    Ele, pleased your your water guage could not cope. GD agree “if only (the water)could be harnessed”. Pity this down pour did not happen at the weekend with your conference- perhaps the flooding of the dining room at the Brydone Hotel on Saturday night might have prompted the politicians, with wet feet, to ponder a national water plan.
    Traveling south to home later. If you have a moment, Ele, grateful you could pop down to SH1 about 11:30 am and smile and wave if we can get through; the AA reports were a indifferent yesterday, yours were much better.

  6. pdm says:

    There is a scheme in Central Hawkes Bay HP which I am pretty sure links from the Waipukurau town supply. It must go 20 miles and possibly even thirty out to one country area. It has been there for years but the strange thing is it is the only one in the whole of CHB as far as I am aware.

  7. Richard says:

    Cancel my last. Oamaru, I gather, is cut off from the north and south. Will try tomorrow.

  8. homepaddock says:

    PDM – the first rural water scheme in NZ was built here. Water’s pumped from the river, we have tanks at the highest point on farms and it’s gravity fed from there. We pay for how much we use. The RWSs were to the farmers of the late 50s and early 60s what irrigation is to us now.

    Richard, the road south wasn’t closed yesterday morning when the radio was telling us it was, but it is now.

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