Our rain gauge overfloweth

Our rain gauge holds only 25 mls.

My farmer tipped out 20 early yesterday evening and it was overflowing first thing this morning.

At Five Forks just over the hill  and Totara about 10 kilometres as the crow flies, they’ve had 80 mls. Glencoe on the eastern edge of the Kakanui Range, above Waianakarua, has had 100 mls and  there’s been 120 at Weston which is about half way between Oamaru and home.

The Kakanui River is rising at a rate of about 45 mls  mms an hour.

Recent rainfall softened the ground so a lot has soaked in but we’re starting to get run off. The radio is broadcasting advice for country people to stay at home and State Highway 1 is closed at Deborah.

I don’t need to use that stretch of road but there are a few spots between here and town which flood.

I’m supposed to be MCing the Enterprising Rural Women Award presentations at the Rural Women NZ annual conference in Oamaru this evening.  I’ll make a reconnaissance  this afternoon to see if the roads are passable. If they are I’ll take  the precaution of packing a toothbrush and change of clothes with me in case I get there then find I can’t get home again.

Not wanting this to be seen as a sign of ingratitude, I’ll declare the drought over and be grateful that we will now be set up for good spring growth.

3 Responses to Our rain gauge overfloweth

  1. Gravedodger says:

    proofreader slept in. I suspect the Kakanui might be rising at 45 mm an hour and I hope not 45 centimeters an hour but if so it may well be time to leave for the big O now and take a change of clothes as well.
    We have had 45mm of rain on the peninsula in 24 hours and it has just started again after a lull over night.


  2. Chris Bird says:

    I hear that Oamaru is cut off with flooding. we know someone from the Sounds who is there for the Rural Woman’s Conference, so will no doubt hear about it at a later date.
    We have had 30mm of rain here and is still raining hard. We needed the rain too but it can stop now!!


  3. homepaddock says:

    GD – thanks, I did mean millimetres not millilitres.

    Chris – the town’s cut off from the north but in spite of what the radio’s telling us the road is open from the south.


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