Tomorrow Never Dies

May 16, 2010

Happy birthday Pierce Brosnan, 57 today.

Did you see the one about . . .

May 16, 2010

Want to win $100,000? rivettingKateTaylor has a run down on the National Bank Young Farmer of the Year finalists. 

Death shapes us all – Alison Campbell at Sciblogs finds death contributes to life.

She also looks at sensing nonsense and gives the reporter an F for assertions not based on facts.

Dig in or adapt. The effect of political views on changing one’s mind – still at Sciblogs, Darcy Cowan looks at the persistance of political misperceptions.

What would I like to see . . . Adolf at No Minister gives his Budget requests.

Day 13 – done! – there’s a new kitchen at In A Strange Land.

Unemployment solved!! Anti Dismal isn’t convinced.

ELEPHANTÉ  Today Is My Birthday on miniature elephants  (Hat Tip Sentence of the day from Quote Unquote).

Liberace medley

May 16, 2010

Liberace would have been 91 today.

Mistress of Mistressology mis-steps

May 16, 2010

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Busted Blonde at Roarprawn but her blog posts, and some whispers on the grapevine, have earned my respect.

The woman who claims to have a trademark on the term mistressology obviously doesn’t know her reputation or she wouldn’t have been silly enough to get her knickers twisted about BBs use of the term on a post giving advice to mistresses.

The one who claims to be a mistress of mistressology has mis-stepped by picking a fight with the wrong woman.

BB is not the sort to head to port when the sea gets rough and she’s got to the nub of the matter, if you Google search mistressology  it leads to Roarprawn and the not the other woman’s website.

In an act of bloggers’ solidarity I’m joining Whaleoil, Cactus Kate and No Minister who have carried the story and by doing so increased links to Roarprawn which will put her up the Google rankings more.

UPDATE: Motella has joined the campagin too.

Update 2: so has Inquiring Mind 

And look what a google search now turns up:

Search Results

  1. Cactus Kate: Mistressology (ck)

    The first rule of Mistressology Kala really is to choose your target well. You don’t pick on women who when they are alerted to your existence will chew…/mistressology-ck.html19 hours ago

    Mistressology Trademark Fail | Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Gotcha!

  2. 15 May 2010 Probably about now some stupid pommy cow called Ms. Kala Elliot will be wishing she had just STFU. She has tried to bully Busted Blonde…/mistressology-trademark-fail/21 hours ago

    Mistress of Mistressology mis-steps « Homepaddock

  3. 16 May 2010 The woman who claims to have a trademark on the term mistressology obviously doesn’t know her reputation or she wouldn’t have been silly…/mistress-of-mistressology/6 hours ago

    roarprawn: MISTRESSOLOGY

  4. 6 Apr 2010 Final rule of mistressology – it will end in tears sooner or later – relationships on any level based on betrayal and lies are always doomed

    We called the post Mistressology. Like as in the study of Mistresses I am the author of the forthcoming book entitled Mistressology and am requesting


  • No Minister: Mistressology claimed as trademark

    15 May 2010 My name is Ms. Kala Elliott and I am the owner of the Trademark ‘Mistressology‘. The application was made last year on my behalf by my UK
  • Mistressology « The Inquiring Mind

    16 May 2010 Mistressology. May 16, 2010. tags: Cactus Kate, Mistressology, No Minister, Roarprawn, Whaleoil. by adamsmith1922 hour ago

    “Motella” – News, Views and Politics of New Zealand’s Motel

  • 15 May 2010 Busted Blonde is now being cyber-stalked from the UK by a Ms. Kala Elliot that claims to have ownership of the Trademark term Mistressology hours ago

    “Motella” – News, Views and Politics of New Zealand’s Motel

  • 15 May 2010 After only 4-minutes of us publishing a blog post on Mistressology, we note that we have appeared on page one of Google using the search hours ago

    Gotcha! | Politics | Humour | Information | News | Opinion | Debate

  • UPDATE 3: Oswald Bastable is supporting BB too.

    Forced smiles & impotence

    May 16, 2010

    The left – and some of the right who want him to move further in that direction – call John Key Smile and Wave.

    It’s supposed to be an insult, but it’s also a positive reflection on his personality. He’s an optimist and smiling comes naturally to him.

    It doesn’t appear to come so naturally to Phil Goff but I reckon his advisors have told him to smile more.  In recent interviews, including on Q & A this morning, he is doing that. The trouble is the smiles don’t always look natural and at least some of the time they appear to be forced.

    Who can blame him? Leading of a party which was kicked out of government after nine years doesn’t provide fertile ground for smiles.

    It’s also not a position in which you can achieve much and the impotence of opposition also showed in his answers on Q & A.

    It’s easy enough for an Opposition to criticise government policy, but they’re not in a position to change it now and by the time they get back in to power it will be too late.

    It happened to National which had to swallow several dead rats including Working for Families and interest free student loans. It’s happening to Labour now.

    However, much Goff huffs and puffs about the expected increase in GST, even if he is in a position to blow it down, he won’t. It will be part of the fabric of economic policy and it’s very difficult to pull a thread here or there without it all coming apart at the seams.

    Whakaaria Mai

    May 16, 2010

    Day 16 of New Zealand Music Month: Whakaaria Mai.

    Great sailing, Jessica

    May 16, 2010

    Sir Francis Chichester was one of my childhood heroes.

    He was the first person to sail single-handed around the world by the clipper route, and the fastest circumnavigator, taking nine months and one day overall.

    I don’t know how many records Jessica Watson broke in her circumnavigation which finished yesterday, but sailing solo round the world, aged 16, in just 210 days is an impressive feat.

    So too is her message:

    Watson urged others to follow her example by living out their dreams.

    “I don’t consider myself a hero. I’m an ordinary girl who believed in her dream,” she told a large, cheering welcome-home crowd in Sydney.

    “You don’t have to be someone special to achieve something amazing. You’ve just got to have a dream, believe in it and work hard.”

    Watson said she hoped her voyage proved what could be achieved by setting your mind to it.

    “Anything really is possible.”

    I wonder what her parents felt about her embarking on such a journey.

    Had she come to grief en route they would have been called irresponsible for letting their daughter attempt such a feat.

    Now that she’s succeeded they can be praised for helping her accomplish her dream.

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