For Better For Worse and For Lunch

 For Better For Worse and For Lunch by Christina Hindahuagh is the book I wish I’d written.

It’s a novel, written as a diary of a city woman who marries a farmer and moves to Boolaroo – Aborigine for flies but, her husband assures her, that’s as in the speed of time not the insects.

Jessie finds that the skills which helped her in publishing aren’t a lot of help on the farm but her determination and sense of humour do as she adapts to country life and country people.

While she had to give up her career when she moved to the farm, she didn’t give up her independence:

So what did you all leave your husbands for lunch today?” asks a third woman joining the group.

“I left mine a casserole,” says the aqua lady.

“I left mine a quich,” says the pink.

“Oh I left Edward a note,” I say smiling.

This is a book written with warmth and wit by a woman whose love of country life is obvious, if tempered by the knowledge that adjusting to it isn’t always easy.

The author’s appreciation of literature show in both content and style.

I have read this book at least once a year since it was first recommended to me at least a decade ago and enjoy it more each time.

While it has obvious appeal for women who take on farmers, it’s also been enjoyed by urban women and some blokes admit to liking it oo.

dairy 10004

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