Grazing The Long Acre

The rain which fell a couple of weeks ago was enough to enable us to stop irrigating.

It wasn’t, however, enough for much growth on dry land and one of our neighbours has been grazing the long acre to save what pasture he’s got.

It’s not a lot of fun watching over your stock on the road verges. When I stopped to chat to him a couple of days ago he was understandably worried and desperate for a follow up rain.

Today he might be getting it. My farmer found 4 mls in the rain gauge this morning and it’s still drizzling.

3 Responses to Grazing The Long Acre

  1. Gravedodger says:

    There goes my theory that the vegetation on the roadside is a carbon sink and local govt could gather the carbon credits when a greedy farmer goes and converts it to methane.
    Seriously we waste a tremendous resource with the very substantial area we tie up in road verges that could in most cases be incorporated into productive use. Of course for safety we would need to have a weaker fencing standard for safety, removal of powerpoles and then the roads would be so much safer. Just watch the safer outcome when race cars go off track and hit ploughed ground or even grass.
    ps no rain on the peninsula but this is the strongest nor easter for a while and we hope for a few more dry days as the second grape variety is picked on fri/sat,then it can rain. Just as well we don’t have that weather rope featured in the “school journal” circa 1950.


  2. pmofnz says:

    Hard work managing stock on the long acre. Townies couldn’t give a toss, no matter how many warning signs. Still hoon past spooking the stock enough to crash through the hot-wires.

    You cockies have the prospect of a feedless winter to contend with and it hasn’t even got cold yet.

    So bad up here is the ‘green drought’ east of the Ruahines that I de-stocked totally the other day. They were about to go anyway – good price at the works for P2 350kg plus.

    No grass growth to speak of, just keeping the paddocks slightly green. Probably 5ml last night – biggest wet since Feb? Or was it Jan? Brought water in twice in the last month for the stock on our 10 acres. Will give it a rest for a couple of months, just polish the grass and get in some new weaners later during winter as grass mowers. If it ever grows.


  3. Sorry pmofnz we had 20mm at Takapau last night 🙂


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