Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. Matau and maui are opposites – what doe they mean?

2. How does this finish: So roll on again Waitaki on your journey to the sea . . . ?

3. Who said: “A woman, especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can.”?

4. Name the highest mountains in three of the six continents.

5. An easy one for NZ Music Month – name your favourite New Zealand song.

Points for answers:

Cadwallader got three right (if I accept that North America is a continenet which I hadn’t in the question but will for the answers).

Bearhunter got three and a bonus for lateral thinking.

David got three and a bonus for knowing the book from which the quote came.

Ray got three plus a half for almost finishing the couplet.

Paul got two, and since I’m being generous today he can have another for his answer to 1 although he got them in the wrong order; and a bonus for creative thinking and spelling and no points off for the gratiuitous mention of Oamaru and blatant favour currying with his favourite song.

Gina gets the electronic bouquet with four right and a point for initiative with the song line.

PDM got two and a bonus for humour.

The answers follow the break:

1. Right and left.

2 “. . .  making power for all New Zealand, better life for folks like me.”

3. Jane Austen

4. Kilimanjaro (Africa); Everest (Asia); Mount Kosciuszko is the highest on the Australian mainland, Carstensz Pyramid, also called Puncak Jaya,  is the highest on the Australasian continent. Mount Elbrus (Europe -but I’ll accept Mount Blanc because Elbrus is on the border of Asia and Europe); Aconcagua (Americas); Vinson Massif (Antarctica)


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