Service Before Self

Ken Scott joined Rotary 50 years ago this week, last night the club paid tribute to him not just for the length of his service but the depth of it.

He was raised in Dunedin and had the good sense to move to North Otago to set up in business. When he did so his father told him that since he was coming to a small community it was important to put more into it than he took out.

Ken took those words to heart and has been an active participant in many community organisations and activities, one of which is Rotary.

He served as club president twice and has chaired the club’s charitable trust for more than 20 years.

He has taken part in numerous fundraising efforts, most notably the one to buy a scanner for Oamaru Hospital in the 1970s. His work on that project was recognised with the award of Rotary’s highest honour – a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Ken’s the prime mover behind the club’s annual auction at which his donation and then purchase of a bottle of good whiskey has become a standing joke. In recognition of that he was presented with a bottle of whiskey, signed by John Key and Bill English, with the instructions that it was for his personal enjoyment and not to be donated back to Rotary for the auction.

Representatives of organisations on which he serves, past members and friends joined the club last night  to celebrate his 50 years of service and the presentation of a ruby badge.

It was a heart warming and moving celebration. The past District Governor who made the presentation pointed out the number of people whose lives had improved as a result of Ken’s work and reminded us of the good which  comes when people practice Rotary’s motto: service before self.

2 Responses to Service Before Self

  1. Fredinthegrass says:

    Well done Ken Scott from a fellow Rotarian. Enjoy your whiskey.


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    From another rotarian, well done sir.
    Moments like these are to be celebrated


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