Another nomination for the Mediocres

 I’m nominating this story for the Mediocre Award:

It starts:

The ANZ came a clear last in pleasing its customers, according to a survey released today.

But then it gives the numbers:

ASB topped the best bank league tables, as 55 per cent of respondents expressed satisfaction. BNZ (46 per cent), National (43 per cent), Westpac (40 per cent) and ANZ (40 per cent) rounded off the list.

 A clear last when it scores the same as Westpac and not much lower than National and the BNZ?

Then it gets even more confusing:

On the dissatisfaction front, the order was reversed. Only 39 per cent of ANZ customers were unhappy with their bank. Westpac scored 33 per cent, BNZ 29 per cent, National 28 per cent and ASB 17 per cent.

 Only 39% were unhappy?

It doesn’t say how many people answered but it does tell us:

Finsec spokesman Andrew Campbell said the survey showed opposition to overseas ownership, and overseas outsourcing: “New Zealanders don’t want banks, particularly Australian-owned banks, sending jobs to Bangalore.”

 How many felt that way? Did they ask if customers would pay higher fees or accept less interest to keep the jobs here?

Then we find out:

ANZ spokeswoman Astrid Smeele lashed out at the survey last night. “Respondents were not randomly selected. It was a self-selecting online questionnaire which union members were pushed to answer.”

A self-selecting on-line survey which union members were pushed to answer, organised by whom?

This isn’t news, it’s what Macdodctor diagnoses as spam journalism.

One Response to Another nomination for the Mediocres

  1. JC says:

    During the 1960s when I was training, all trainees were aggressively pushed to bank only with the BNZ. As the heads of training would occasionally admit this was because the BNZ would notify the training staff if any trainee had money problems.

    ANZ might have been an Aussie bank, but it didn’t divulge my account details!

    All that crap has undoubtedly gone now but it just makes the point that choice is important and exposure to international banks no bad thing.. afterall, the Aussie banks didn’t lose my money in 1987 or recently.. not something many NZ banks and finance houses can say.


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