UK election might influence NZ referendum

Tony Blair turned 57 yesterday.

If the polls are a reliable indicator of the election result he won’t be getting a strong Labour majority under his successor Gordon Brown, for his birthday.

He might not get a majority Conservative government either.

In spite of the belief that one of the strengths of First Past the Post is that it usually produces a single party majority, polls have been suggesting an indecisive result.

A few months ago David Cameron and the Conservatives were well ahead but that lead had been slipping away, even before the television debate in which Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg shone.

I don’t think First Past the Post has much chance at all in next year’s referendum on our voting system. If the British election result isn’t conclusive it is even less likely to get much support.

One Response to UK election might influence NZ referendum

  1. Gravedodger says:

    While accepting in the headlong rush to have every last nutjob represented in the parliament when IMHO there are a significant body of electors who because of their ignorance, paucity of understanding,one issue decision making or sheer bloody mindlessness will elect fraudulent, corrupt, incompetent or otherwise undesirable members to the parliament FPP is not going to return. However there is no mechanism in place to allow the voters to exclude a person from the seat of power should their party, or in the case of WRP their own ego, choose to place them on ‘the list’ in a position that negates the political will of those who possibly know best, finally seeing reason and throw them out on their sorry arse.
    I don’t accept that in a parliament one or two undesirables, so elected, will have sufficient opportunity to cause harm when in the last term of a government that had to all intents and purposes lost the support of a majority of the electorate, clinging onto power with the support of a member who now languishes in jail for corruption and another whose rather strange view of what the average voter considers acceptable behavior (where did that $158 000 end up), was able to saddle our country with a railway system that no sane businessman or woman would consider a good acquisition even if it had been free. The Clark government,with the support of those rather dodgey members and a group of sycophants who wouldn’t know if an icecream was good value for money,paid nearly a billion dollars for it and GAVE the vendor a gold plated opportunity in the freight forwarding world to boot.


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