Will Anderton stay in parliament?

Jim Anderton has been a Labour MP in all but name for years.

However, the pretence that he’s leading a party has cost taxpayers because party leaders get extra funding.

Now he’s planning to stand as mayor of Christchurch which raises several questions..

Will he resign as an MP or will we be paying his salary while he campaigns?

If he’s successful will he resign as an MP or will we have to keep on paying him while the citizens of Christchurch also pay him?

If he’s not successful will he stand again as an MP?

2 Responses to Will Anderton stay in parliament?

  1. Inventory2 says:

    I’ve asked the same question Ele. I reckon that he should resign now; sheesh, he’s been an MP since 1984, so he has a gold-plated retirement plan awaiting him if he fails. And it’s not as if the Progressives actually do anything. Out you go Jim!



  2. Gravedodger says:

    Jambertons leaders “entitlements “will be of considerable assistance in running here so he will not want to lose that. I fervently hope that the disgruntled shunted then exiled chair of Ecan who it was reported resigned from the 2021 political group earlier today ( 2021 being labour in drag to distance itself from NZ Labour ) hopefully to also run for Mayor. The resignation solved a party problem of a member running against an official candidate. The Spin/ dribble from Kerry “right’ Burke in his resignation statement appeared to prepare the ground for this outcome.
    If all the above comes together Bob will be a grateful man as an unsplit vote for the 2021 candidate could have been insurmountable for him but throw in Burke and even the dumped deputy chair Kane all looking for the job to keep them in the manner they have become accustomed to and it just gets better for Bob. I don’t agree with all Bobs actions but I have a lingering admiration for his campaign to get his district council where he was mayor absorbed into ChCh City. We were that rare breed of turkey that voted for an early christmas, I was a community board member and IMHO it was the only viable option.
    Jamberton would be polarising, inflexible, unresponsive and with his track record of “my way or the highway” philosophy an unmittigated disaster forour fair city.
    To have two dinosaurs from the 70s trying to extend their trough opportunities would be wonderful blood sport to watch. pity about the cost.


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