Guided by conscience

Should MPs be whipped when they vote on alcohol laws?

Tracy Watkins think s not and Kiwiblog agrees with her.

Me too.

There are good reasons for whipping MPs on most matters.

List MPs are there because people voted for their parties not them as individuals. Good electorate MPs will gain some votes in spite of their parties, but the foundation for their support is still the party under whose colours they stand.

However, there are some matters which don’t comfortably fall along party lines, where democracy is better served if MPs are free to vote was they wish, guided by their personal rather than political beliefs.

One example of an issue best left to MPs’ consciences is tobacco. This heartfelt post by Chris Tremain on his father’s death shows why.

4 Responses to Guided by conscience

  1. KG says:

    You’re assuming MPs have consciences. A better term might be “personal preferences”.


  2. Bearhunter says:

    I just like the idea of MPs being whipped. Preferably in public.


  3. Gravedodger says:

    Whipping M P s That could be something I see merit in.
    Maybe that would remind them who their Boss/Employer is.
    On a serious note, until I read Mr Tremains story I was unaware of the actual cause of Kel’s death. It was always quoted as cancer without qualifying and an opportunity was lost to use what was a powerful message, Dont start and if you have, QUIT NOW.
    He was an iconic man and was taken far too young. Alister Hopkinson and Ken Gray whom I also new personally also.


  4. MacDoctor says:

    No, no. Whipping just doesn’t work…

    Hang the lot of them, I say.



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