Oh dear again.

Another pitifull score in NZ History Online’s this-week-in-history quiz – 3/10.

Had I read the questions properly I might have got one more right, but no more than that.

5 Responses to 3/10

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Absolutely no excuse for my 3/10.


  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    Nor my 3/10… are we sure that they are right and we are wrong????


  3. JC says:

    As I was whizzing through this I was thinking how easy it was this time..




  4. Bearhunter says:

    3/10. And here I was getting all up myself over getting 5/5 on Monday…sniff. Hubris is a terrible thing.


  5. pdm says:

    Wow top of the class with 4 but I admit to one lucky one so guess really I am with the rest of you.


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