Camembert and brie are healthy

It’s official – camembert and brie and healthy.

So are lamb racks and oysters.

So is canned and dried fruit – even if it has more sugar and preservative than vitamins.

So is pizza and full cream, high sugar yoghurt but, alas, not low fat ice cream.

So are Cactus Kate’s favourite dishes at Euro.

Gooner at No Minsiter thinks McDonalds’ burgers are and Whaleoil reckons most food at KFC is too.

The Maori Party’s Goods and Services Tax (Exemption of Healthy Foods Bill says so:

• Fruit and vegetables (including fresh, frozen, canned and dried):
• Breads and cereals (including all bread, grains, rice and pasta):
• Milk and milk products (including cheese, yoghurt and plain milk, but excluding ice cream, cream products, condensed and flavoured milk):
• Lean meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes

The Visible Hand in Economics asks several good questions about the research behind the desire for exempetions.

I reckon it just proves that while good tax is an oxymoron, simple taxes are better.

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