The dangers of jam

How many people have contracted any sort of illness from eating jam cooked in a home kitchen?

The question first came up several years ago when a woman approached then-MP Katherine Rich at the Upper Clutha A&P Show.

The woman had been making jam for a Save The Children charity shop in Canterbury  for years, raising thousands of dollars for a very good cause in the process. But she’d been told it would no longer be acceptable unless she upgraded her kitchen to commercial standard or shifted her jam making to a commercial kitchen.

A media fuss followed and the local body involved backed down. But now another one is waving the big stick at charity cooks.

If I eat at a restaurant or buy food from a supermarket I expect high standards and have no problem with the authorities getting involved to monitor them. But if I buy jam or baking form a charity stall I know it’s come from a home kitchen and accept the tiny risk which comes with that.

Will they follow us home to make sure we store and use the jam the correct way next?

Jam is made from boiling fruit and sugar. I’d think the danger of conrating anything untoward from it would be considerably less than the risk to your helath from batting your head against bureaucracy.

Hat Tip: goNZo Freakpower.

3 Responses to The dangers of jam

  1. gravedodger says:

    If I recall the food Nazis tried to take out the ‘sausage sizzle’ and that went nowhere. At our recent Paddy’s Market in paradise we raised over a thousand dollars as well as providing food for the workers with BBQ sausages (par boiled) in a slice of unhealthy white bread with onions (optional) and mustard or trainsmash. There was a vegetarian option sans sausage.
    From a Personal POV I think there is a far greater danger from some of the “organic produce” sold at roadside and market stalls than Jam or sausages would ever pose.
    That wont stop people with too much knowledge and too little practical common sense from trying to justify their possession of a piece of paper and an unnecessary job status, from thinking up nonsensical rules and regulations, it will only get worse.


  2. pdm says:

    Weren’t Dyson and the Greens at the forefront. They wanted to stop `a crate and a plate functions and catering at sports clubs etc. Some of the best lunches I have had have been made by the ladies at bowling clubs. Not to mention the local CWI bring and buy stalls.

    Stupidity to sy the least.


  3. M Gallie says:

    If you follow this line of thought logically,will we be allowed to invite guests to dinner,without having an inspection of the kitchen first?


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