Who do you believe?

He was a prison chaplain.

The prisoners he worked with swore at him, spat at him and even urinated on him. But he kept on working with them and their families.

He is retired now but still works with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

He was a tradesman before he went in to the church and he believes in offering practical help rather than preaching at people in desperate need.

He’s a good man with years of experience of prisons and prisoners. He says in his experience private prisons have a better record of running prisons well, treating prisoners humanely, rehabilitating the inmates and reducing recidivism than state run ones.

I believe him rather than opposition MPs and unions who are so opposed to the announcement by Bill English and Judith Collins that the new prison to be built at Wiri will be a PPP – public, private partnership.

One Response to Who do you believe?

  1. Andrei says:

    This old post of mine is about a Georgian approach to prison reform.

    An interesting Caucasian Prison reform

    I have been following this – theres not much in English on it and where there is it takes an antagonistic tone – for example What about non Orthodox Prisoners they ask


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