Monday’s quiz

1. Who wrote Died in the Wool?

2. What is Leptospermum Scoparium?

3. DINKIE stands for Double income No Kids – what do OINK and SILKY stand for?

4. What are the seven deadly sins?

5.What gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavour?

9 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. Deborah says:

    This is not going to be a good week.

    1. Don’t know.
    2. Don’t know.
    3. Don’t know.
    4. Lust. Pride. Greed. Avarice. Wrath. Sloth. Gluttony.
    5. Don’t know.

    So what does it say about me that I know the sins and nothing else?


  2. JC says:

    2. Manuka.

    Iknew a few of the sins, but selective memory meant I couldn’t remember the ones that particularly applied to me.



  3. Andrei says:

    1) got me


    3)OINK – multiple in the context though one income no kids

    SILKY – as per OINK closest I know is metro-sexual

    4) Gluttony, fornication, avarice, sloth, pride, wrath and envy


  4. david winter says:

    Oh, this is a tough one.

    1) Pass

    2) That’s a mānuka(and haven’t we talked about taxonomic pedantry before… species names tack a lower case 😉

    3) These are new to me, but maybe “One Income, No Kids” for OINK. Can’t get past “Single Income” for the other one.

    4) Lust, Wrath, Greed, Avarice, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony

    5) The rind of bergamot orange, which is not, in fact, orange.


  5. Paul Tremewan says:

    1 Dame Ngaio Marsh
    2 the wonderful tea tree or manuka
    3 Something to do with making purses and ears?
    Either that or: one income no kids, and single income, loads of kids.. the best of these might be WOMBAT: waste of money, brains and time, and LOMBARD: lots of money but a real ‘”richard’-head
    4 Avarice, greed, gluttony, slothfulness, jealously, driving slowly in the fast lane and golf
    5 I am sure its by dunking each individual tea-bag in after-shave… well, it tastes like that to me!


  6. gravedodger says:

    1 Ngaio later Dame Ngaio Marsh.
    2 Manuka as a child saw the elimination of what had been common red manuka from native pasture when truckloads of scrub were trucked north to the N. Amuri from the Te Anau basin that was infected with a bug that left sooty mould on the trunk and killed the plant. Not as effective on the white manuka, the blight as it was referred to, killed large areas that could be burnt making way for pasture but gorse,blackberry and other weeds also took advantage. looking back it was a form of vandalism in the eyes of some in the present environmental movement but it would have possibly got there eventually any way.
    3 Oink = one income no kids. Silky = single income lotsa kids. and I always thought dinky was spelt with a y for yet.
    4 PEGSLAG Pride, Envy, Glutoney, Sloth, Lust, Avarice and Greed.
    5 Pass prefer gumboot here.


  7. Deborah says:

    Erratum: I made a mistake in my list of the seven deadly sins – I was far too focused on greed / avarice, and neglected jealousy. So…

    Lust. Pride. Greed. Envy. Sloth. Wrath. Gluttony.


  8. kismet says:

    Good quiz I can think of an answer to all them straight off.

    1 Ngaio Marsh
    2 Manuka
    3 OINK One income no kids SILKY Single income lots of kids
    4 Pride, gluttony, greed, envy, sloth, lust, jealousy.
    5 Bergamont.


  9. pdm says:

    4. Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Anger

    5. The Earl peed in the mixture. Actually I know some guys that used to work at Unilever in Petone in the 50’s and they say they used to that. Those were the days when mothers used to wash errant childrens mouths out with soap!!!!


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