Where do you go for numbers?

Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! has been weighing up the Yellow Pages and reckons they’re getting smaller because of the recession.

That may have something to do with it but I suspect increased use of the internet has also contributed to less advertising in phone books.

I use a web search more and more. It’s usually faster, more up to date, the writing is bigger and the right way up.

It may be several years since someone had the not very bright idea of putting the yellow pages upside down in the phone book but it still irritates me that I have to turn the book upside down and back to front to get a number.

3 Responses to Where do you go for numbers?

  1. poneke says:

    Gosh Ele you used to be a bright eyed young woman adventuring in the world, rising above the very considerable slings and arrows hurled your way. Now you imitate a frightened old maid from Winston First. I hope it’s just your blog persona, but it’s so pervasive, I have my worrying doubts.



  2. JC says:

    Bigger printing on the Internet White/Yellow pages does it for me every time.



  3. Hollyfield says:

    I remember when I was a child that the yellow pages was printed at the back of the white pages, upside down. I would far prefer that than the 4 (yes 4!) phone books we now have in Auckland – white pages for residential phone listings, white pages for business phone listings, yellow pages A-K and yellow pages L-Z. You can guarantee that whichever book is on top of the pile is not the one you want! And so often I look up something in the yellow pages, only to find the category I want is listed in the other book – I can’t think of a real example right now, but for example I might look up “Schools” in the L-Z book only to be referred to “Education” which is in the A-K book. Usually I find that I have the wrong book only after I have carried it into another room to sit down while I look things up.
    Yellow pages online I find worse than useless so I do occasionally use the yellow pages books.
    A friend’s husband is a self employed builder. I wonder whether their phone number is in the residential or business white pages?
    I haven’t even summoned the energy to do more than shove them in the cupboard and throw the old ones in the recycling wheelie bin! (And I’ve just realised that’s why my recycling bin was so heavy when I put it out on the kerb tonight.)


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