To light or not to light . . .

. . . that was the question last night.

The autumn chill which had greeted us in the morning stayed through the day and by evening I was seriously tempted to light the first fire of the year.

Some years we get well in to May before we have to resort to a fire so I decided the first week in April was far too soon.

But I did put on a warmer jersey, plug in the heater and the electric blanket.

2 Responses to To light or not to light . . .

  1. pdogge says:

    and like you HP, I succumbed to the chill and here in the Kaimai’s put away the shorty PJ’s amidst a storm that thus far has put 40+ wonderful mls in the rain gauge 🙂


  2. gravedodger says:

    Last couple of nights have been a reminder that April is indeed autumn but in the week up to Easter Sat we enjoyed about 4 days at or very close to 30 degrees and that was good for the grapes.It also reinforced our disregard of the weather in our retired life.
    Our house is heated by the sun with a 1st response a heatpump with a gas fire next and electricity as the final standby. I no longer subscribe to the theory that a fire warms one three times, 1st when the wood is gathered, 2nd when it is brought to the fireplace and 3rd when the wood is burnt. Of course step one is to often done on a hot day and that heat is totally wasted.


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