Only 5/10

Oh dear – this week’s Dominion Post politics quiz was a toughie but not sure that excuses just 5/10 when Kiwiblog managed 10/10.

5 Responses to Only 5/10

  1. gravedodger says:

    Dont be so hard on your self you lead such a useful and I hope rewarding life. I managed 9/10 and that is a direct result of too much time on the net.What a grand list of nonentities the RWC quote delivered. I see Mr Anderton continues his very expensive charade with his membership on the electoral reform committee and who really cares what he says let alone bothers to remember any of it.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Congratulations GD – even more impressive when you must have been busy with the grapes.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    7/10 ‘Adequate”, it says!

    And gravedodger; note in DPF’s post today about Labour MP’s, he includes Jim the Porgressive among their ranks. Has he had an attack of conscience about taking money for a non-functioning party? Somehow, I doubt it; Jim will see it as his birthright.


  4. rayinnz says:

    6/10 was my score, you really had to be in the Wellington loop to know all those
    Yes it is grape time again, spent Monday walking through the Rockburn vines (beside the winemaker)tastng/testing for ripness. Not as much fun as it might sound
    Picking now


  5. pdm says:

    7 for me.


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