Only at Fleur’s

When my farmer ordered whole blue cod at Fleurs Place yesterday the wiatress checked that he was happy to have it with the head, tail and bones.

He was and that’s how it came:

He was part way through it when Fleur sat down at our table for a chat.

She asked if he knew how to get the flesh for the fish’s cheeks, found a spare knife and fork, sliced into the fish head and fed him the flesh.

It’s service like that which makes Fleur’s so special.

2 Responses to Only at Fleur’s

  1. Richard says:

    Ele, we were at Fleur’s a month ago entertaining English friends. At an adjacent table were two New Zealand couples. Their course arrived- exactly the same as your farmers. “Ooh can’t eat this -Ooh its got eyes–we have just got back from Thailand and they did it to us there–” etc- quite a fuss. Staff were wonderful. Dishes back to the kitchen, heads, tails, skin, bones removed. Now I know why your waitress checked whether you wanted “the full monty”.


  2. gravedodger says:

    After your blogs on ‘asado’ I am glad your farmer didnt have the veal or the pork, Fleur would have needed a much larger plate.
    Looked as good as any meal I have had there


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