Good timing

Yesterday’s 80th birthday celebrations went well – 80 lovely people, more than enough delicious food and lots of laughs.

The wet weather which had been forecast held off until about 11pm and we went to bed with the welcome sound of rain on the roof.

To make it even better the clocks have gone back an hour – at last.

The return to standard time was a couple of weeks later than it ought to be. But to finish cleaning up late and realise we’d have an extra hour in bed made it very good timing.

4 Responses to Good timing

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    In the caravan at Warbirds enjoying the spectacle.
    Also revelled in the rain – farmers here have a ‘silly’
    grin today – although I’m sure more would be appreciated.

    Agree about daylight saving. As do everyone we talk to.
    Will popular opinion persuade the ‘powers-that-be?’


  2. stuart says:

    HP finally a dig at Day Light Saving I have been waiting for the last month after last years differing posts including the fact that Auckland get about the same sun rise on the equinox as during the last week of day light saving. I missed it


  3. homepaddock says:

    Fred – if I knew how to set up a Facebook page for taking daylight saving back a few weeks to start in mid October and finish in early March I would.

    Stuart – I was practising restraint for fear of boring readers.


  4. fredinthegrass says:

    Try DPF at Kiwiblog – he has just done a “techie” post. I am sure he could help.
    I would if I could – think it is a great thought – but am technically challenged!


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