Not working

News papers won’t be published today but some of their staff will be working on what is a public holiday for everyone and a holy day for some to produce a paper for tomorrow.

Shops in Queenstown and a few other specified “tourist towns” will be able to trade legally today while those in the neighbouring towns such as Wanaka which are at least as attractive to tourists won’t.

The people in Wanaka who will find shops which are closed or trading illegally will also find some businesses operating legally, including some which sell the same things as those which can’t open today.

The thousands of people who have flocked to Wanaka for Warbirds will find businesses not open or open illegally in the town but will be able to buy many of the things these businesses sell from businesses operating at the airport.

Department of Labour inspectors will be working today to fine the businesses which aren’t supposed to be working today.

A law which is inconsistent and illogical is bad law.

The Easter Trading law is all of those and it’s simply not working.

5 Responses to Not working

  1. pdm says:

    This remains one of the most stupid laws in the country.

    Surely opening is all about freedom of choice both for the shop owners and their staff.


  2. Neil says:

    I still cannot understand Bill English”s position on this trading shambles.
    Mr English voted against the McClay bill and yet he is the member for Queenstown(Clutha-Southland electorate)where there is a different regime.
    To be consistent, Bill English should be calling for the provisions of the current law to be applied equally in the whole country.
    I have a sneaking feeling I know why Bill stands this way. Conscience votes are great if they coincide with the voters feelings,prejudices and religious background.
    Maybe we should go back to the pre-1970’s where the whole country shuts down in the weekend !!


  3. Tired Farmer says:

    Proves the point,that at political meetings, more time should be allocated to questions from the floor rather than speeches from MP’s.


  4. gravedodger says:

    Our country was founded largely on Judeo/Christian beliefs and history so I accept that some do not wish to trade on certain days and if beliefs make working on those days a problem then allow for appropriate actions by employer and employee to sort out.
    However to my mind most of those who celebrate and or observe our holy days, memorial and anniversary days are intent on only one thing – another day off work.
    As one whose working life involved having to work days when others are having the day off I am firmly in the freedom of choice camp. If the proprietor and or their staff wish to trade then for what ever you believe in let them get on with it.
    Good god so many of our citizens are of religions outside what some regard as mainstream or have no real connection, it must be time to move on from what is an increasingly absurd situation.
    We are in for another similar debate when the workforce finally wake up to the fact that Anzac day this year is on a Sunday and the ‘day off’ camp will feel cheated. If the day has such little meaning for so many then I think it is a case where the horse has bolted so stop the ‘faux outrage’ and move on, just don’t interfere with those who wish to observe in peace.


  5. BASIL WALKER says:

    Sadly this lack of trading came from the Wanaka population and councillors many years ago when they decided to be different from Queenstown and Te Anau and not open some days at Easter. Times have changed but unfortunately this problem is not in Auckland .

    The local MP,s over the years have made media statements and some have actually vigorously shaken their heads , while another stamped a front hoof , powerful stuff but not enough to wake Bill English .Common sense does not rate when you can still see being the only country in the world to steal dollars from ETS tax on fuel and energy is important instead of getting the crap out of peoples lives .

    Why do they not do a cost benefit analysis of the benefit of allowing people to operate their business against the cost of inspectors on triple pay staying at hotels eating out for the easter weekend dragging litigation through the court system , pissing people off again.


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