Boulder to Birmingham

Happyb irthday Emmylou Harris – 63 today.

3 Responses to Boulder to Birmingham

  1. Andrei says:

    When I was a kid I was in love with Emmy Lou.

    I still am.

    Saw her live twice, last time was in Wellington in 2000 or so


  2. homepaddock says:

    I was never in love with her but do have one of her LPs in my record collection.


  3. Paul Tremewan says:

    Emmylou’s story is very interesting, and on how she met the big time. And how she got together with Gram Parsons.. now there was a serious boy with problem! ‘The Country of the County’ is an excellent book on then and now country music.
    The music library here has in fact all Emmylou’s cds. She has recorded with some very fine musicians. Also her Hot Band has included some luminaries… not the least of whom was Albert Lee the English guitar picker|!
    Last time I saw her in Auckland she had Buddy Millar playing guitar (and Julie Millar playing everything else). He had more guitars on stage than I have in my whole collection!!
    Happy Birthday M-E Lou! ( She always plays wonderful Gibson acoustic guitars… what a fantastic indulgence to afford!)
    Oh, and Happy Easter to all HP’s readers.
    Except of course for the Labour Inspectors who are furiously trying to close down the world!!


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