Haydn – Trumpet Concerto in E Flat

Joseph Heydn Haydn was born 278 years ago today.

5 Responses to Haydn – Trumpet Concerto in E Flat

  1. Andrei says:

    Heydn? Hayden.

    Of course by pointing out a typo I am almost to make a far more egregious one myself , perhaps even in this comment.

    Good music to type by – by the way

  2. Andrei says:

    Hayden? Prediction fulfilled its Haydn of course

  3. homepaddock says:

    You may have noticed my propensity for typos is matched by poor proof reading but I did notice Haydn while doing the today in history post, thought it was a typo and checked to find the bloke I’ve always thought was Hayden or Heyden was Haydn in Wikipedia and Heydn on You Tube.

    A classical CD I checked has Haydn.

    SO: I’m sure there’s no e between the y and n and think it should be an a after the H.

  4. Andrei says:

    I’m sure that it is H-A-D-Y-N. I’m a poor proof reader too.

    Anyway the trumpets when that was written couldn’t play chromatic scales but one of Hadyn’s friends a put flute keys on his instrument to overcome this deficiency and this concerto was written with mind for him.

    The flute key thing didn’t really work out, the trumpet tone was degraded apparently.

    Valved trumpets that we have today overcome the problem but have introduced others.

    The upshot is that this piece probably was rarely played for 30 or forty years between in composition and the availability of valved brass instruments.

    My fifth form music teacher was a brass man and this was “drummed” into me and it has pretty much stuck in part because physics was also my thing to and the physics of the situation is very very interesting, not that I could do it in the fifth form but later on I put it together.

  5. homepaddock says:

    I phoned my sister in law (who is a music teacher) to check. She was out but her husband looked up an encyclopedia and found H A Y D N.

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